Provides access to features such as in-game activation directly on your game interface.

GameShield's SDK can be programmatically integrated into your application, providing supreme flexibility in realizing whatever licensing scheme you want to implement. It will provide an optional API to GameShield's license enforcement system and encapsulates all the logic behind processing, enforcing and securing your license.

The GameShield SDK allows you to create a complete custom license model with customer prompts integrated directly into your game. This provides access to features such as in-game activation directly on your game interface.

When the SDK is integrated into your application it will provide an internal interface to GameShield's license enforcement system. When using IronWrap, you do not have to directly interface with this component, as everything will be managed for you. However, even if you do use IronWrap you will have the option of interfacing with the component. IronWrap (or your program) invokes the SDK to perform certain actions at run-time and responds accordingly to any return values.

Enhanced Security

The safeguards that are enforced by the GameShield SDK include multi-layer encryption and compression technology for code creating and interpretation. It enforces several logical protection mechanisms to protect against thieves and hackers who might try to defeat your license - from simply detecting backdating, detecting kernel mode debuggers, stegnographic licensing to demo reinstallation. With IronWrap, the GameShield SDK is virtualized and packaged right inside your protected application, further enhancing security.